Saturday, June 18, 2011

Take it to the MATTE, Ratchet up your sunglass game!!!

If you all haven’t felt it...that thermometer is creeping up faster than Prince William’s hairline. The time is now to get some eye-gear smoother than 007 in a European whip.
For all of you guys feeling the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s, it’s time to quit it.  Hipsters and preppy regurgitated Kanye West-ies too. Now, now lady...relax, I'm just breakin’ your balls...your Style Superhero has your back, with a solution guaranteed to keep you fresh.
This summer the matte black angular look is killin’ it.  True this look has been around for a minute, but I feel that it is just now hitting its stride. Like when you got your first pair of Skids or Z. Cavaricci's. (Did he really just take it back that far?)

Here is a pair from Electric, the self-titled  “Visual Evolution Company.”  I own a pair of these, they come in many colors shapes and sizes and won’t jack you for all your lunch money like tha’ Gooch. (As mentioned before the matte black version is crushing it all day!)

Or buy'em from 3 Monkeys eyewear on spring st., and get this guy to hold on to them for you!

You can also get some sweet angular looks from Super. Super's are handmade in Italy, and can be scooped online from websites such as  They have a great selection and a grip of color options.

Many of the new Oliver Peoples glasses deserve honorable mention, yet I feel that rad sunglasses are something you can always get a better deal for, ESPECIALLY when a mean pair of well-fitting vintage joints can take out any comp on the streets, any day. 

ALL of my favorite sunglasses have either been vintage from Screaming Mimi’s on Lafayette St., or an extremely fair priced pair of Spitfires from places like Flying A on Spring St.

I have also had great vintage eyewear success from Alphabets East Village location on Avenue A.  They stock a bunch on really cool knick-knacks, hats, and tees, and for those who love the rich and musky scent of Votivo candles...yes, they have those too.

While perusing the L.E.S., I discovered Any Old Iron on Orchard St.  It was here that I heard the urban legend of a man with the greatest vintage sunglass stash in all of the Empire state. It seems that this man supplies most of the vintage sunglasses in NYC, and has a collection which numbers well into the thousands. Trust that when I find this Bigfoot of rad-ness past, I will tell all, for sure.

In the meantime Any Old Iron also has a solid vintage sunglass selection amongst its British rock menswear and haberdashery, in addition to super cool accessories from local artists...just watch out for the attack dog!

Stay tuned. More Summer style intel coming soon.
Questions? Comments? Requests? Get at me!

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