Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Transformer Hightops, tha Kick game is SERIOUS!

SUPER FIND of the week, J-Shoes the “JayWalker”. Soo versatile and Fresh;  super huge tounge to accommodate the spillover jean effect, crispy white base or the inner plaid gives you the option to flare it out if you are feeling the plaid, or ride those hi tops on full...also the velcro strap for extra swagger, also with plaid interior....

BUT WAIT, THERES MORE....Did you notice the zipper along the sole???

Look closely, these joints are convertible! They zip out to reveal..drum roll...sandals for the beach and pool, WHAAAT!!!! Miami here we come,...and just in time for the summer.

They normally retail for about $180, Men’s LifeStyler price less than half that. Get at me find out how...

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  1. I actually just checked with J-Shoes, these are the ONLY pair of these in existence....the only pair ever made...if you would like to buy them they are a size 10...get at me!