Monday, April 4, 2011

Superstar Hairstylist; 5 things men NEED to know about their hair

"Your hair is your headsuit".
-Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy

Your hair is a vital part of your look, most importantly because it will frame your face, the focal point of anyone who is talking to you.Your hair stylist should know the lines of your face, listen to what you want, but also have the guts, talent and creativity to add to you vision, or create a whole new look. You in turn, must know what you want, but also be brave enough to embrace change, and trust your hair stylist.

Take Jackie Cruz Owner of the Bella Vista Salon. Anyone whose hair Jackie has cut and styled, knows how seriously she takes her clients, and how passionate she is about hair.

Jackie knows how to listen to her clients, and because she is soo proud of her work, she will NOT let you leave her salon with anything less than a great hair and style for days.  As a kid I remember hating to get my haircut, mostly because my Jewfro, yes I said Jewfro people, ...was more wild than Charlie Sheen on a Monday. As I became older, and wiser, and my hair calmed, I have become a better client for hair stylists, and effectively had better hair cuts.

For many years, because of my lifestyle; motorcylces, martial arts, gym, travel, I had a short or shaved head.That hair was easy to put in and out of a motorcycle helmet, jump out of the shower with no product, low maintenance, and for a time, looked great.  It was only very recently that I grew out my hair and needed an expert like Jackie.
I was looking to get a real classic Don Draper-esque hairstlye, but as I told Jackie, "I don't want to look to nice". I think she struck the perfect balance.
Don Draper meets the Faux-Hawk.....guard ya grill!

Here are Jackie’s Top 5 Hair tips for men

1. Acknowledge the type of hair you have!
2. Have your stylist teach you how to use the product.
3. Don't skimp on the quality of your hair products as (Shampoos & Conditioners are part of the maintenance).
4. Take your time apply generously and thoroughly comb the product evenly into your hair.( feel free to apply a small amount of a water based or non-alcohol gel on unruly beards and eyebrows!)
5. How do you know if to embrace your grays or not? Have your skin tone analyzed by your stylist.

If you have a question, comment or wisdom to share, jump on this blog and get at me,....and remember to do it with STYLE!!!
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  1. Well said! I think in life (as in hair) seeing ourselves as we are and accepting/working with what we've been given is always the most direct path to happiness and evolution. Know thyself. (And thy hair.)
    Great post...keep em' coming!