Monday, April 11, 2011

Who shot ya?...I'll make ya famous!

People, let's face it...on those wet and gloomy days most of us would rather pull the covers up over our heads and hit snooze than get all decked out. 
Oh the humanity! Between the rain and the cold and the very real possibility of getting stabbed in the head by other people's umbrellas, it can be a struggle to get out of bed... And it was on a day such as this that I decided to embark upon on a mission to suss out dope vintage sunglasses in New York's East Village.
During this mission  I happened upon Evan, who most definitely brings classic chic to our modern street and never hesitates to put his best two-tone single strap chocolate/carmel monk shoe matter the weather.

I sat down with Evan to see how he rolls and what influences his look...

Evan Saltsman,  fighting out of the East Village

How would you describe your style? Elegant thrift, bohemian and classic

What guides your eye and style choices? Color palate and compatibility, textures are big for me. Cleverness in design or the ability to be cleverly redesigned.

Who or what are your biggest clothing and style influences? My father and grandfathers were well dressed men and taught me how to compile and care for a comprehensive wardrobe. Though GQ and Esquire have taught me valuable tips, my stylistic foundation was at home. 

What's on your wardrobe wishlist? A skilled tailor. (as should be on ALL our wishlists).  French cuffed, baby blue oxford. Pinstripes.  

What style should we bring back, or what are you loving right now? The buckled shoe. The buckles provide a  cleaner look than laces, more enduring and easier to use than the slip on. 

Evan also confided in me that because of an unexpected NYC relocation, he is actually living out of a suitcase for now...SAY WORD!!!

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