Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SHINE ON! Mean Hi-Tops, equipped with secret weaponry!

For all you sneaker-heads out there who are hunting for an exquisitely mean pair of kicks to rock this Spring, the news is good! My recent acquisition of Nike's Obsidian joints came loaded for bear. I got the box from my doorman and ran upstairs like a babe on Christmas morn. 

I cracked the box... "The safe flies open, the shining was blinding my eyes." (Thanks Pun.) 
Shiny indeed, the trim definitely have a reflective hint but think more "freshly-waxed-whip" than ya girl's "rhinestone-clubbing-dress."

I lit them two ways so you can peep the level of shine but trust, these are some hot kicks from any angle. The color is deep and will pick up the blue in your jeans but will also be fly with shorts during the warmer months. 
Hit up this link and get 'em on the quick before they sell out.

regular lighting
swept lighting 

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