Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

 Kevin before
 Modern cool with warm textures.
 The flat hat drawing white and grey tones from the jeans and sweater. Street style with a classic swagger.
 Modern plaid and a cool clean layered up blazer.
 Steel grey european cut fitted suit with fair pinstripes, framing the clean crisp fitted white dress shirt. The 007 look is always a banger.
 Throw in a bordeaux tie for rich color and added distinction.
The handsome groom and his groomsman. Matching lavender polka-dot pocket squares. Martha's Vinyard... handsomeness....CHECK!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Yolk-View Series With Ross Laurence Gottlieb:
“You Are Your Most Valuable Canvas”
By: Daryl Ferrara
Like many, I like to think my sense of style is pretty A, OKAY! Does it need work, probably! I just don’t have that much time to devote to buying clothes, keeping up with the trends, redefining myself through wardrobe, etc etc…
My job has been to; be a father, a husband, a student and a business owner (who wears yoga pants and yoga shirts). One day I may get back to ‘me’ and when I do, you better believe I plan on calling on style expert - Ross Laurence Gottlieb – of The Men’s Lifestyler to help me out. I may even take him up on that personal shopper package. It could be like my mani, pedi and Brazilian wax day….according to Ross and posted on his website (which is linked above), how we dress is a projection of ourselves to the world; our canvas!
You are your most valuable canvas could not ring more true. We are allowed as many blank canvases as we want. Some we choose to throw paint thinner on and some we are forced into. Whatever the reason may be, Ross is here to help you find your inner superhero….
I recently got to cyber chat with Ross and hit him up with The Yolk questions. Here is how it went down:

Interview, "You are your most Valuable Canvas!"